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If you have a non-urgent query regarding Business Internet Banking please contact us

For all other queries, please contact your usual Servicing Team or the Business Internet Banking Help Desk on:

0845 600 8818* (if calling from within the UK) or

+44 207 757 7308 (if calling from outside the UK)

The Help Desk is open from 8am-7pm (UK time) Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays and calls may be recorded and monitored for training purposes. *Call charges and information.



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Notice Board:

Service update: Full Service Available



The Business Internet Banking service is fully operational with no reported problems.  If, however you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact the help desk on the number provided.

17/08 - Important information regarding cheque fraud. Please read this message to find out more.

28/07 - Microsoft launched Windows 10 on Wednesday 29th July. Please note that this Operating System is not supported. For the latest information on supported Operating Systems and Browsers, please refer to the Hardware and Software Requirements guide

26/08 - Making International Payments? - We recommend you visit our International Payment help site which will provide you with support and guidance, as well as important news updates including:

•  Standard Settlement Instructions (SSIs): Change of Polish correspondent bank
•  New payment formatting for Jordanian Dinar (JOD), Malawian Kwacha (MWK) & Serbian Dinar (RSD) 

•  Important changes to payment formatting for India

28/05 - Fraud awareness and prevention

Barclays have produced a series of educational videos around fraud awareness and prevention.

We recommend all users watch these short videos as soon as possible, and view them again periodically. Please click here to watch the videos.

For any queries, please call the Online Fraud Operations team on 0845 300 5220

20/04 - Issue with Google Chrome: Google Chrome have released an updated version of their browser resulting in an error with the logon button. If you are encountering this error, please use one of the supported browsers listed in our BIB hardware and software guide.

Important - If you choose to login to BIB using Internet Explorer, we recommend you add the BIB logon page to your list of trusted sites to ensure a successful logon.

Attention – Known Trojan Attack Targeting UK Banks
You will only ever be asked to enter your PIN once and only when you perform any of the following activities: log in, make a payment, set up beneficiaries or make an administrative change.
We will never ask you to confirm which type of card reader you are using or to re-enter your PIN during logon or authorising payments.
If PIN entry is requested for a different activity, or you are asked to re-enter your PIN for the same activity, or if you notice any unexpected screen behaviour, you must remove your smartcard, stop using the service immediately and contact the BIB helpdesk for guidance. Any such behaviour could be a fraudster using a Trojan virus to attack your computer.

Keeping safe online

Please ensure you periodically review your organisation’s security arrangements to ensure you comply with your Business Internet Banking security obligations . These include:

- Never leave your smart card inserted in your card reader when you are not signing a payment or performing an administration change. Remove it and keep it secure after use. We will never ask you to leave your card in your reader for any other reason (eg, even when we are updating your service).

- Never log into Business Internet Banking on a computer that does not have up-to-date anti-virus software or a firewall. If you are not sure whether your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software or a firewall, contact your IT department. Barclays provides free online security software,  Webroot SecurityAnywhere .

- Make sure you are using supported  hardware and software .

- Barclays will never call or email you and ask you to change the beneficiary bank details of a payment, or ask you to reveal full security details (including smart card PINs). Additionally, take extra caution when opening unexpected emails and do not download any attachments unless you are confident they are safe.

If you notice fraudulent or suspicious activity on your account please contact us immediately.

14/11 - Is your smart card due to expire soon?

User smart cards expire after 3 years and to ensure you have uninterrupted access, we will automatically send a replacement card 4 weeks before expiry to your nominated Security Contact.  However for your security, the new card will need to be activated online via your System Administrator – full instructions will be detailed in the letter accompanying the smart card.

For your further security and to prevent delays in receiving smart cards and pins, please ensure you periodically check the following to ensure the details we hold are up to date:

•         Security contact (This can be updated via your Relationship Manager)
•         Organisation address (This can be updated via your Relationship Manager)
•         User address (This can be updated by your System Administrator)

For important updates and information regarding BIB, please visit the Barclays Internet Treasury website at 


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