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If you have a non-urgent query regarding Business Internet Banking please contact us

For all other queries, please contact your usual Servicing Team or the Business Internet Banking Help Desk on:

0330 156 0018* (if calling from within the UK) or

+44 207 757 7308 (if calling from outside the UK)

The Help Desk is open from 8am-7pm (UK time) Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays and calls may be recorded and monitored for training purposes. *Call charges and information.



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The Business Internet Banking service is fully operational with no reported problems.  If, however you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact the help desk on the number provided.        

25/07 - CEO Impersonation and Invoice Fraud

To help protect you and your company against the latest scams, Barclays has produced a new short video to raise awareness on the latest trends. This is the latest release in our series of videos to help keep you safe from fraud which can be viewed below and should be viewed again periodically.

View fraud prevention videos


01/08 - Attention – Use of security patched browsers

To provide the most secure electronic banking experience Barclays would like to remind all of our clients to ensure you comply with the Barclays Internet Banking security obligations. This means ensuring Barclays Internet Banking is accessed via an internet browser that is security patched by the vendor and the link below provides further information on why this is necessary. This is a Cyber Essentials and IASME certified organisation and is also backed by HM Government:

“Not keeping your software up to date can result in serious issues. These include Viruses, spyware and other malware; Cyber-criminal attacks; Crashing, freezing and generally poor performance.”

For more information around supported operating system and browser combinations please view our hardware and software guide

21/07 - Important Information                  

The Business Internet Banking service will be closing during 2016 and you will have been contacted already, or will be contacted shortly, to discuss your migration to our new cash management service Barclays.Net. 

It is crucial that we migrate you as quickly as possible to ensure that you have sufficient time to become familiar with Barclays.Net prior to the closedown of BIB.

If you have any questions with regards to which stage of the migration you are at and/or what you need to do next in relation to your move to Barclays.Net then we would suggest speaking to your system administrator in the first instance. Alternatively you can contact the Barclays.Net Migrations helpdesk on 0330 156 0020 or your Relationship Team.

12/11 - Attention – Fake Gemalto eSigner  Update Installs Trojan Virus

A new Trojan virus is targeting users of Smart Cards by offering an update to the eSigner software. 

The virus pretends to offer users an update to the e-Signer software by means of a pop-up window currently entitled ‘Install Shield Wizard Update’ . On selecting ‘Next’, the user is prompted to enter their Smart Card and PIN to begin the download. On doing so, the Trojan virus is then able to take remote control of the infected PC. 

Please be aware that Barclays or the eSigner software will never offer automatic updates in this way and any such pop-up window is fraudulent.  If you are prompted to update eSigner software in this manner, remove your Smart Card immediately, disconnect the infected machine from the network and contact us immediately for additional support on 0330 156 0155 (+44 1606 566 208).

Always remember, you will only ever be prompted to enter your Smart Card and PIN when logging in, authorising a payment or approving an administrative change.

23/06 - Important Information   

Please note that in line with client feedback regarding the recent CHAPS scheme cut off extension,  the cut off time for CHAPS payments from a Barclays account to another bank has been extended to 17:30 with immediate effect .                                                                 

06/06 - Making International Payments? - When making International Payments, please ensure that all mandatory information is included in the payment instruction.  In particular, when submitting an International Payment you must always provide a SWIFT ID or National Clearing Code to avoid your payment being delayed or returned. Please refer to the currency/country guides on the International Payment help site for formatting instructions as well as important news updates including:                      

Important - If you choose to login to BIB using Internet Explorer, we recommend you add the BIB logon page to your list of trusted sites to ensure a successful logon.             

Keeping safe online                

Please ensure you periodically review your organisation’s security arrangements to ensure you comply with your Business Internet Banking security obligations . These include:

- Never leave your smart card inserted in your card reader when you are not signing a payment or performing an administration change. Remove it and keep it secure after use. We will never ask you to leave your card in your reader for any other reason (eg, even when we are updating your service).

- Never log into Business Internet Banking on a computer that does not have up-to-date anti-virus software or a firewall. If you are not sure whether your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software or a firewall, contact your IT department. Barclays provides free online security software,  Webroot SecurityAnywhere .

- Make sure you are using supported  hardware and software .

- Barclays will never call or email you and ask you to change the beneficiary bank details of a payment, or ask you to reveal full security details (including smart card PINs). Additionally, take extra caution when opening unexpected emails and do not download any attachments unless you are confident they are safe.

If you notice fraudulent or suspicious activity on your account please contact us immediately.

For important updates and information regarding BIB, please visit the Barclays Internet Treasury website at 




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